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International Union of Students (IUS)

Founded in Prague 1946 as a world wide nonpartisan association of National Unions of Students (NUSes); aimed to foster international understanding and lasting peace the IUS supported contemporary efforts to continue the anti-Hitler war coalition in peacetime; with its secretariat in Prague the IUS was strongly influenced by communists in key positions from the beginning; left by most Western member unions after the communist take-over in Czechoslovakia 1948 (see International Student Conference), became a communist controlled front organization; from 1956 noncommunist NUSes from the Third World (Latin America especially) got some influence on IUS policy; in 1968 IUS strongly protested when the host country was invaded by its socialist allies; periodicals: World Student News and News Service.
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AIVD Inzagedossier International Union of Students (IUS), 1965-1987

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